Prize-Winner Event

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The Prize:

To celebrate the release of Martin Scorsese’s 3D masterpiece, we transported 10 winning families from around the world to Paris for an enchanting Hugo-inspired treasure hunt. Travelling back in time to the 1930s within the walls of a former Parisian railway station, winners were met by a secret advisor under an ornate clock where their magical quest began. Being presented with an exclusive stolen key and a treasured notebook, they were guided around Paris on this bespoke experience that saw them decipher cryptic drawings under the spires of Notre Dame, meet the extraordinary owner of a captivating toy booth, discover a hidden message within the shelves of a world-famous library, and uncover the secret world of Automata! Heading below ground in an ancient stone chamber, winners also got to see mechanical illusionists and marionettes come to life before their eyes as part of this once-in-a-lifetime prize!

“We’re very thankful for all your help, especially as you were available to give us advice 24/7 and were very accommodating with all our requests. The treasure hunt itself was a highlight, especially as it was tailored to my son’s needs, and we had our very own prize manager who accompanied us along the way and was friendly and helpful at all times. The treasure hunt book and “magical” key was a very special touch and is a souvenir that we’ll always be able to cherish. This prize really was a dream come true.”